Open Call – ARTBAT FEST 2018

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Center for Central European Architecture (CCEA) invites students from Kazakhstan living in Prague to participate in an interdisciplinary artistic project which will be part of ARTBAT FEST 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Main theme of ARTBAT FEST 2018, curated by Artecitya project, will be Waterstream. As water affects various forms of our life, we invite students from various disciplines (Art, Architecture, Sociology, Economics et al.) to join us in preparation of the project. In case of interest, please, contact us on email till 20th of April 2018.

About Artecitya

“Artecitya. Envisioning the City of Tomorrow” (2014-2018) is a collaboration between 9 partners from around Europe (including CCEA). The project brings together artists, architects, town planners and citizens to re-create the cities we want to live in. The priority is to stimulate a vigorously innovative approach to the concept of urban life taking into account the sociological evolution and people’s needs.