Competition Conditions

Competition Brief

Complete Documentation

Contracting authority
Voluntary union of municipalities LOŠBATES
Horní náves 6
251 62 Louňovice
IČ: 06028781

Competition secretary
Ing. arch. Karin Grohmannová

Prizes and honourable mentions
in total 68 300 EUR
1st prize – 31 200 EUR
2nd prize – 21 500 EUR
3rd prize – 11 700 EUR
mentions – 3 900 EUR

Submission deadline

16:30, 26. 03. 2018

Competition is:

  • international – no restrictions
  • with no registration fee
  • anonymous open – for authorized professionals
  • one-round
  • for project – followed by commission


18. 12. 2017: Additional information 1
22. 12. 2017: Additional information 2
9. 1. 2018: Additional information 3
11. 1. 2018: Additional information 4
12. 1. 2018: Additional information 5
12. 1. 2018: Additional information 5 – annex
15. 1. 2018: Additional information 6
. 1. 2018: Additional information 7
17. 1. 2018: Additional information 8


The elementary school is the dream and desire of all the municipalities associated in the volunteer union of LOŠBATES. The architectural design competition is the second step to its creation. The first is the cooperation of municipalities LOuňovice, Štíhlice, BAbice, TEhovec, Svojetice that created LOŠBATES. (Even though Babice decided to solve their issue separately and are not part of the union anymore.)

The goal of the competition is to find the best solution for an elementary school with a size of 2 x 9 classes containing, in addition to preparatory classes, the primary and secondary levels, also the caretaker’s flat and space for an elementary art school. In addition to the school itself, we are also requesting the design of flats for personnel, to resolve the school’s transportation connection to the main road, and parking.

The construction of the new school is an investment that does not have a similarity in the rich history of our communities. Though we are small villages, it is our desire to build a 21st century school that will allow modern learning and inspire children to study. We want a safe school and a school that will enable community use and will serve all our people for decades. The proposed solution should respect the chosen 2.5 hectares of building land, the surrounding area and the landscape character of the village of Louňovice. The layout of buildings and other structures must be such as to allow future extension of the school to 3 x 9 classes.

Competition starts
The competition begins with its public announcement in the Journal of Public Procurement and publication of the conditions on the announcer’s profile.

The competition conditions and documentation are since the day of announcement available at the competition web page
and on the announcer’s profile:

Voluntary (recommended) registration
by sending an email to the address:
preferably with the subject LOSBATES – REGISTRATION and containing:
Name, address, e-mail address, phone number
Those who register will receive amils with updates in the competition (mainly about publishing additional information).

Explanation of competition conditions
In accordance with point 5.3 of Competition conditions the questions may be sked
until 20. 2. 2018
via e-mail, preferably with the subject LOSBATES – QUESTION
to the address

Design submission
It is possible to submit the competition designs on mondays and wednesdays from 8:00 h to 16:30 h, and on fridays from 8:00 h to 18:00 h.
at the address:
Municipal Office (Obecní úřad) Louňovice
Horní náves 6
251 62 Louňovice

The last day for submission, the competition deadline, is 26. 3. 2018 at 16:30 h CET

Jury session
The precise date will be specified in the course of the competition.


  • Solution for an elementary school (2 x 9 classes) with additional functions
  • Urban concept focused on a creative solution of parking
  • Traffic connection – proposal of a new access road
  • Solution for an elementary art school
  • Solution for a block of small flats for the school staff
  • Solution for an expansion of the designed school to a size of 3 x 9 classes with additional functions

see chapter 6 of Competition conditions

The proposal should consist of:

    1. 6 panels of B2 format horizontally (700 x 500 mm) containing recommended parts (see point 6.2 of Competition conditions)
    2. text report (portfolio of the competition design) containing recommended parts (see point 6.3 of Competition conditions)
    3. digital version of the competition proposal (see point 6.4 of Competition conditions)
    4. envelope „Author“ containing recommended parts (see point 6.5 of Competition conditions)