MOBA studio

Our passion is the contemporary city!


As a city studio we seek for new interpretation of the city and its cultural and programme enrichment. We develop urban potential in cultural and research projects. We avoid quick-profit-oriented projects with no long-term vision nor added community value. MOBA* is about joint building of the world we would like to live in.

In the last ten years MOBA has stood at the birth of many research projects both in the Czech republic and abroad as an organizer of The Architectural Competitions.

“We do not perceive architects as design suppliers only; they are involved creators of the space we live in.”

In 2001 MOBA founded Centre for Central European Architecture – CCEA, the first independent architectural centre in the Czech republic that deals with architecture on a theoretical and research basis.

* MOBA an old Slavic term for logrolling that is preserved in some parts of Central Europe