1st place

A I – D E S I G N + ARUP

2nd place

Ian Ritchie Architects + Compass Architects + Marko & Placemakers

3rd place

RKAW + BY Architects

Honorable mention by the jury

Sou Fujimoto Architects

The aim of the New Žižkov Centre workshop by Central Group was to create a residential complex of approximately 1,200-1,300 dwellings with variable commercial spaces in the parterre in the streets of Olšanská and Jan Želivský, and the establishment of kindergarten, which subsequently the investor free of charge transfers into the ownership of the city district.

The jury selected for the second stage – design stage – 12 participants:

A I – D E S I G N + ARUP
ABM architekti
GUBAHÁMORI + BIVAK + Gábor Csaba Soóki-Tóth
Ian Ritchie Architects + Compass Architects + Marko & Placemakers
ov architekti + GUTGUT
Pelčák a partner architekti + Müller Reimann Architekten
Richard Meier & Partners Architects + CUBOID
RKAW + BY Architects
Sou Fujimoto Architects

Central Group a.s.

sketching fee
12 x 7 800 EUR
after submission of the proposal to phase 2

Deadline for phase 1 was
31 October 2019

Deadline for phase 2 was 
15 March, 2019

Coming soon: Overview of the design proposals
The design proposals will be published after the exhibition opening on 19. 6. 2019.


The objective of the competition is an architectural proposal of a residential area called NEW ŽIŽKOV CENTRE, and its surroundings. It is a private investment by CENTRAL GROUP and is not subject to public procurement mode. The site is 39 471 m². Buildings can only be designed on the space of 24 803 m2 defined in the land use plan as TI (information transfer device – technical infrastructure), for which the investor has filed an appeal to change its main use to SV (general combined use). The plot includes another SV area in immediate vicinity of existent development and a non-developable area of ZMK (urban and landscape greenery). These should be designed as public space and greenery.

The aim is to design new residential buildings of approximately 106 000 m2 of gross floor area (GFA) which roughly corresponds with the volume of existing development on the plot. The investor perceives utmost use of the GFA as optimal.


The district of Žižkov has been going through a major transformation in the last years. The originally working-class district has been turning into a larger city centre with good public facilities, accessibility, and infrastructure. The social background of the place has been changing and the area has become more popular with middle and upper-middle class segment of clientele.

The competition area is located around an important junction in Žižkov which will become its new centre. The site with its history suggests a metropolitan-like approach to its development given the fact that the existing building of CETIN used to be the tallest building in Czechoslovakia back in the days it was built.

At present the site holds extensive technological grounds of telecommunication structures and offices which are in use by their original owner. There is a technological building which has lost its function and with regard to the extreme level of asbestos in its construction it is to be demolished and replaced with new development arising from the outcome of this open call. The technology of Cetin will be relocated to an underground compound in the north-east part of the plot (see document PI.01).