THE STREET FOR THE ‘7th’ – Revitalization of the Františka Křížka street


Prague 7 district

Competition secretary
Ing. arch. František Novotný

Prizes and awards
In total, the sum spent in the competition on prizes and awards is EUR 9 500,-

End of the competition
April 2018

the Jury of the competition
Ing. arch. Lenka Burgerová PhDr.,
Ing. arch. Zdeněk Kupec
Ing. arch. MgA. Petr Uhlík

Ing. arch. Jaroslav Hulín

Mag. Arch., M.Arch.II Gabu Heindl
Mgr. Ondřej Mirovský, M.EM,
MgA. Patrik Hábl
Ing. Jan Hradil, Ph.D.


1st prize of CZK 120 000,- was awarded to PROPOSAL No. 3

Hlavatí architekti / Ing. arch. Josef Hlavatý; cooperation: Lenka Hlavatá – Prague – CZ

Author about the proposal:
Our aim of revitalizing the František Křížka Street is to create a pleasant functional public space that will well serve both for residents and visitors. The whole street is equipped with regularly planted trees to provide a shadow on hot summer days, they relax the space to accommodate the front spaces of adjacent restaurants and cafes. The front space of the three most important institutions (Bio Oko, Elementary School Františka Plamínková and Elementary School Letohradská) is expanded and accentuated by groups of trees of a different kind. These front spaces will be equipped with benches, bike racks and waste bins. The whole street is designed as a one-way street. By this is achieved the uniform street profile along the entire length of the street. On both sides of the one-way street we place the longitudinal parking spaces.

Ing. arch. Josef Hlavatý, Šmeralova 18, Praha 7

Ing. arch. Josef Hlavatý

Statement of the jury:
The design has a high level of elaboration of the main concept and detail and is almost ready for implementation. The proposal consistently complies with all recommended manuals of public spaces. Piazzetta in front of BIO OKO is very well designed. The proposal respected the estimated value of the construction. The use of standard materials and solutions is very feasible and maintainable. The design brings an interesting idea of a one-way street in front of BIO OKO and gives more space to pedestrians

For further information please see Protocol on the competition.

2nd prize of CZK 70 000,- was awarded to PROPOSAL No. 2

Tomáš Kopecký, Jan Hájek – Prague – CZ

Authors about the proposal:
The revitalization is aimed at unifying the street space and confirming the importance of one of the main axis of Letna. We also focus on street inhabitation – not just by planting trees. Emphasis is set on the interaction of the users. The design cerates spaces to work with. The aim is to create another native centre of Letna.

Jan Hájek, Tychonova 43/5, Praha 6

Ing. arch. Tomáš Kopecký, Ing. arch. Jan Hájek

Statement of the jury:
The programmatic design is very interesting for the jury. The decision to make the premises in front of BIO OKO and Frantšky Plamínkové Elementary School different in visual expression from the rest of the street makes them special. The solitary greenery solution adds a quality to the public space and creates identities of the places. The design has met the estimated value of the construction. The concept of traffic engineering is positively evaluated.
For further information please see Protocol on the competition.

3rd prize of CZK 40 000,- was awarded to PROPOSAL No. 6

Unhary s.r.o. / Hana Sýkorová, Jan Linhart, Jan Procházka – CZ

Authors about the proposal:
The design creates an axis linking all the requirements with a character of Letna. It changes several habits towards an open shared space. The reduction of transport in front of schools and cinema as well as the redefinition of parking contributes to safer movement of pedestrians and also vehicles. Seating places are located in cultural and resting areas. The reviving of the street provides artworks. Columns replace the unsuitable railings and alley of trees improves the city’s environment. The character is set by the predominance of stone paving surfaces.


Hana Sýkorová, Františka Křížka 736/26, Praha 7; Ing. arch. Jan Linhart (Unhary s.r.o.), Františka Křížka 736/26, Praha 7; Jan Procházka, Husova 639, 398 11 Protivín

Hana Sýkorová, Jan Linhart, Jan Procházka

Statement of the jury:
The jury appreciates the idea of using art as markers of the identity of individual spaces, especially the entrance to the park. The design brings a higher rate of tranquility to the whole space. The green concept is functional and efficient. The proposed differential speeds for individual zones allow easier use of public space by pedestrian users. The proposal respected the estimated value of the construction.

For further information please see Protocol on the competition.

Award of CZK 25 000,- was given to PROPOSAL No. 5

MONNOM STUDIO / Adriano Ferrer Escayola – Prague – CZ

Authors about the proposal:
The main goal of the proposal is to provide better public space while preserving the number of cars. Because the street is narrow, the space left for every actor is not enough. The result is a long street packed with cars and bad quality pedestrian sidewalks. In order to solve that, we propose to change the entire street into a one way street and optimize the parking area. Once we have more public space, we can improve the fronts of the cinema, the school and the theatre. Instead of arranging the functions in the long axis, we generate a sequence of spaces orthogonal to the way.

Dipl. Arch. Adriano Ferrer Escayola, Vinařská 1174/6, Praha 7

Dipl. Arch. Adriano Ferrer Escayola

Statement of the jury:
This project received the honorable mention for some incentives and ideas that could cause a change in the current state, especially for termination and redirection of traffic in the site, although the location with excluded car traffic could be chosen more sensitively.
For further information please see Protocol on the competition.

The subject of the competition is the plan for an architectonic design addressing the street Františka Křížka, one of the most significant urban axes in the locality Letná, connecting a significant number of public institutions (educational and cultural) and the parks Letenské sady and Stromovka, which would improve the safety and navigability of the street as well as increasing the liveable qualities for residents and visitors in the setting of a heritage-protected district.

The purpose and aim of the competition and the subsequent new form of the street Františka Křížka is to find, in a complex urban situation, a suitable form that would meet the requirements of residents, public institutions, local businesses and visitors or customers. It is necessary to bear in mind that one of the most urgent themes in this locality is the parking of private cars, and the announcer would like to stress here its requirement for the retention of parking spaces for residents.

The result should be that the street is no longer an unwelcoming corridor of parked cars, but instead a refreshing and pleasant place to be, and would be of benefit to local residents. In addition, it is necessary in the sections near the schools to create points where children can safely cross, and near the cinema ‘Bio OKO’, and if possible the theatre ‘Alfréd ve dvoře’, to create a fitting front space for these cultural institutions.

The start of the competition was announced in the Publication System of Public Procurement (Věstník veřejných zakázek, and the Official Journal of the EU.

Competition conditions and competition documents were available as of the date of announcement on the competition website
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