Open, single-phase, architectural competition for the reconstruction and extension of THE PRIMARY & GRAMMAR SCHOOL TROJSKÁ



Contracting authority

District Prague 7 – Troja
Trojská 230/96
171 00 Praha 7 – Troja
IČ: 45246858

Competition secretary
Ing. arch. Igor Kovačević PhD.
+420 222 222 521

Prizes and honourable mentions
1. Prize 275 000,- Kč

2. Prize 200 000,- Kč
3. Prize 100 000,- Kč
Honourable mentions 50 000,- Kč

Competition is:

  • international – EEA and Switzerland
  • with obligatory registration
  • without registration fee
  • anonymous and open for authorized professionals
  • one-phase
  • for project – commission follows
  • submission only electronically


Aim of the competition

The purpose of the competition is to optimise the existing facilities and to supplement their capacity according to the needs of the management. Separation of the primary school and the grammar schools is particularly important.Both must have a separate, barrier-free entrance logically oriented towardspublic space.In addition to the current plot no. 314/1 (labelled as no. 315 including the building) the school can also newly utilise plot no. 294/1 belonging to the city district, where it is possible to place facilities not directly associated with teaching (dining room, assembly hall, offices for the school psychologist and prevention officer).The city district would like to use this new construction as a community centre, where various ceremonies and cultural events of the city district can also be held.All proposed facilities must have adequate sanitary amenities.The Contracting Authority expects to invest CZK 50 million excluding VAT.This amount does not include the price of equipping the interior.The entry should pay close attention to the design in terms of both the capital and the operational budgets.

Competition schedule

24. 7. 2018, 13:00 Site visit You will be able to register by sending an e-mail with the subject “TROJSKA-VISIT” to the address of the competition secretary:

14. 9. 2018, 15: 00 Middle European Time Final deadline for submissions see marker “CONTEST ENTRY” and Competition condition 6 Contest Entry


Registration is free of cost and is not binding with respect to Entry submission. The participant may register by sending an email to the contact person concerned:
The registration e-mail should have as the subject the words “TROJSKA – REGISTRATION” and the body should include:

The name/identity of the participant
Contact details of the contact person: name, e-mail, corresponding address and telephone number

By registration you agree with the Personal data processing declaration*

Indipendent members
Markéta Zdebská

Founder of the BY architects studio, she completed an internship in the studio of Josef Pleskot, she collaborated with the studio M1 architekti and also worked as a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University. Her work was nominated for the Czech Architecture Award in 2017.

Štěpán Valouch (Chairman)

Since 2007 he has been working with Jiří Opočenský under the ov-a label. These two graduates of the Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University were behind the reconstruction of the Spolkový dům in Slavonice and the restored Vinohradský brewery.

Matěj Draslar

A graduate of ETH Zurich, he joined the agps architecture studio in 2013, where he now heads the team for urban planning and architectural competitions. He teaches under the professorship of Prof. Marc Angélil at ETH Zurich.

Martin Neruda (alternate member)

A graduate of the Faculties of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Czech Technical University, his portfolio includes several studies for kindergartens, cultural centres and several family houses and interiors.

Involved members
Tomáš Bryknar (Vice-Chairman)

Mayor, Prague 7 – Troja

Kateřina Tůmová

Deputy Director, Trojská Primary School

Radim Jendřejas (alternate member)

Director, Trojské grammar school

Tomáš Drdácký (alternate member)

Deputy mayor Prague 7 – Troja; chairman, Commission for construction
and transport

The Čechova School is located at the intersection of the streets Na Kazance and Trojská next to the Kazanka estate. The building currently houses a first-level primary school and an eight-year grammar school. Such space-sharing has been common over the history of this school since its establishment in 1872, as well as in the life of this building that was ceremonially opened in 1928. For instance, after WWII, the building was home to a primary school and a kindergarten, alongside a library and an office of the city hall. The 1926 memorial to Jan Hus, by the sculptor Vilém Amort is an important listed monument on the site.

The existing building has become insufficient due to the expansion of the facilities: for example, the staff rooms are small, the locker rooms not optimal, and the capacity of the cafeteria is not sufficient. Moreover, the two school schedules overlap, and this is not ideal.

Plot no. 294/1 is currently used by the Troja Sokol as a caravan camp.

Final deadline for submissions is 14. 9. 2018, 15:00 Central European Time. Until them please send your Contest Entries by email or via a file-sharing service to the address with the subject line “TROJSKA – CONTEST ENTRY” (viz. Competition conditions, 6.2 Contents and organisation of the Entry).

POSTER, pdf, 300 dpi, A2 horizontal: the main graphical representation of the design = overall perspective or axonometric representation of the design including both plots 314/1+315 and 294/1 (you can, if needed, use the photographs from the Photographic documentation in document P.06)

BOOKLET, pdf, 300 dpi, A3 horizontal; content: title page; annotation of the design – 500 characters incl. spaces; a description of the chosen architectural, operational, urban and transport arrangement – 4000 characters incl. spaces; a description of the chosen structural and technology solution, taking into account operational efficiency – 4000 characters incl. spaces; situation of the site in the broader context (1:1000); the overall situation of the site with the ground-level floor-plan showing vehicle and walk-in entrances (1:500); floor-plans of all other levels (1:250); 2 characteristic sections through the entire site (1:250); an exterior view chosen to best represent the design; an interior view chosen to best represent the design; completed balance sheet with the basic parameters of construction (P.07).

ID pdf = scans of signed, filled-in forms:

PP.01 Identification data
PP.02 Statutory declaration
PP.03 Non-binding offer price


Declaration on the processing of personal data under Regulation no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (GDPR)
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