The main subject of the competition is the revitalization of the Great Cinema in Zlín designed by architect František Lydie Gahura and built by the Bata shoe company in 1933. It was the largest cinema in Czechoslovakia at that time, with 2,270 seats. The aim of the competition is to create conditions for cinema from the perspective of the needs of the 21st-century city.

The architectural competition will be led in the form of competitive dialogue.

Committee (Jury)

Pierre Hebbelinck, architect
Vladimír Šlapeta, architect and theoretician
Jitka Ressová, architect
Martin Jančok, architect
Jana Kostelecká, art critic
Jiří Korec, Mayor of Zlín
Miroslav Adámek, Deputy Mayor of Zlín
Pavel Brada, Deputy Mayor of Zlín
Bedřich Landsfeld, Deputy Mayor of Zlín
Ivo Tuček, Head of Zlín’ spatial planning

The Great Cinema should not just be a place of an occasional visit, but it should mainly be a place where people from Zlín meet every day.

Contracting authority 
City of Zlín

Contact – organizer
Yvette Vašourková

The competition is
without any fee
led in the form of competitive dialogue
with mandatory registration in NEN

  • Registration in  NEN and submitting the request for participation are due to
    4. 11. 2019, 17:00 local time
  • Submission of “professional approach” is due to 
    18. 11. 2019, 17:00 local time
  • The committee chooses 6 participants
    25. 11. 2019
  • Workshop 1 – site visit
    6. 12. 2019
  • Workshop 2 – consultation
    21. 2. 2020
  • Workshop 3 – presentation
    7. 4. 2020
  • Final bid submission
    24. 4. 2020, 17:00 local time

The committee (jury) chooses based on the “Professional approach” 6 participants that will receive CZK 250 000 for their participation.


Tender documentation (pdf)

The public part of the certification key (cer) only in NEN

As soon as you start to think of joining the competition, please register into NEN – it is a process that would take you even several days and without the registration, you will not be able to submit your design proposal.

Competition in NEN

Complete documentation in NEN

NEN registration

To complete the registration through NEN, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  1. Run a computer compatibility test
  2. Install Microsoft Silverlight plugin
  3. Go to nen.nipez.cz → registration → registration-supplier

The registration application needs to be signed with a valid qualified electronic signature or an electronic signature guaranteed by the Certification Authority in your country.

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  1. It is necessary to ensure the documents prove the legal status of the registered entity
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    – A document proving the person’s authority to represent organisations as the statutory representative
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After completing these steps, you will receive a confirmation email from NEN within 5 working days that you have been approved on the NEN system. After this you will be able to access the Public Procurement area of the NEN system.

We advise you start the application at least 14 days in advance. 

If you’re having troubles, call NEN Help desk on working days during 7:00-18:00 at +420 841 888 841 or Hotline@nipez.cz or write us an email: igor@cceamoba.cz

To submit an application for participation in the competition, the registration needs to be completed and procured:

  1. Complete attachment: Editable attachments (Annex. 1) and add electronic signature, as well as the simple copies of documents according to 7.4 of the Tender documentation
  2. Encrypt the participation request with the competition key that is part of the tender documentation. Encryptions with another key will not allow requests to be opened and will be considered as undelivered.