Krnov na start

  • Contracting Authority


  • Competition type

    Open design contest with pre-selection

  • Competition Launch

    August 2020

  • Request for participation

    25.9.2020 till14:00

  • Submission of proposals

    4.12.2020 till 14:00

  • Prizes and sketching fees

    250 000 CZK - 125 000 CZK - 75 000 CZK - sketching fees 2 x 50 000 CZK

  • Mandatory registration of supplier in E-ZAK electronic tool


The competition is held in Czech language only.

The subject of the competition is the design of public spaces in the vicinity of sports grounds at Smetana Circuit and Petrovická Street, and at the same time making the sports complex accessible to the public as much as possible.
The aim of the competition is for the city of Krnov to find a partner for long-term cooperation in creating a quality public space.
The task is to create an open sports complex, where sport will become a democratic tool for the involvement of all ages in sports life, and thus build on well-functioning teams and divisions, which often devote themselves behind the closed gates to the education of Krnov athletes. The intention is to move the sport to a different scale of spontaneity, where on the one hand there can be strolling paths through the sports complex and at the other end professional training. The richer the spectrum between these two positions, the better the Krnov sport and leisure time will be and the sporting, but also cultural and social phenomenon of the city may arise.

Jury - representatives of Krnov:
Tomáš Hradil - Mayor, Jury Vice-Chair
Zuzana Matelová - councilor
Lubomír Dehner - city architect

Jury - architects:
Radmila Fingerová - Jury Chair
Adam Gebrian, Alice Michálková, Tomáš Bindr

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