Stay Hydrated, The Value of Water

  • CuratorYvette Vašourková, Igor Kovačević
  • EditorKarin Grohmannová
  • Graphic designKarin Grohmannová, František Novotný
  • Translation to RussianAidana Mukhametkaliyeva
  • ProductionOndřej Kohout
  • TeamSteven Duke, Jack Fisher, Carline Fourcade, Leeloo Ghigo, Harleen Kaur, Kiersten Luttrell, Muhammed Nurullah Menzilcioglu, František Novotný, Eliška Pomyjová, Barbora Slavíčková, Oleksandra Yeloyeva

The Stay Hydrated. The Value of Water project was initiated by CCEA MOBA as an artistic interpretation of the open source information drawn from cities’ own statistics data and from the data indicated by international organizations focusing on water policies.

We have compared prices of water in selected big cities with their average prices of labour (average salaries), and from these numbers we have counted different values of water represented by the amount of work time needed to afford 1 cubic meter of tap water. Fully aware that in some regions the statistical data do not correspond with reality, we still regard these indicative figures as impressive.

We do not dare to offer simplistic opinions or solutions. But we believe that the Stay Hydrated. The Value of Water exhibition and booklet will highlight the topic of water for a universally valid debate on every level for every country, from the political representation to the smallest of communities.

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