Ask the competition secretary by sending an

  • Does the project have to be submitted in the form in which it was submitted in the studio, or is it possible to tweak e.g. the graphics (not the design itself)? The rules do not mention this.

    Since LAURUS works with different formats/scopes than your studios probably do, yes, it is possible to " tweak" the project.

  • There are two email submission addresses listed in the Laurus contest rules, and Where should I send my proposal?

    Ooops, that's a mistake. Send your designs to
    We'll respond to everyone who sends a submission. If you don't get a response, you better find out what's going on.

  • As part of the idenfication data, do I indicate the current year I am attending or the year in which the design was created?

    Please indicate the year and semester in which the proposal was created.

  • Can I participate in the competition with a landscape project that was developed as part of my bachelor thesis?

    Yes, you can participate with a project developed as part of your bachelor thesis. Only diploma projects are excluded.