2 Phase Design Contest with Preselection CZECH ONLY Reconstruction and Extension of the Pod Marjánkou Polyclinic
Deadline for Participation Requests 8 10 2021
Ongoing Competition New Municipal Spa For Krnov
First Round Deadline 8 10 2021
Ongoing Competition Prague Market Interspaces
First Round Deadline 15 10 2021
Ongoing Competition New Eden - House of Prague 10
EXTENDED First Round Deadline 22 10 2021

    CCEA Centre for Central European Architecture
    MOBA studio

  • Our passion is the contemporary city.
    CCEA is dedicated to Central Europe and its culture.
    MOBA is focused on the research, design and vision of urban space.

    CCEA is an alternative space for further education and research in architecture, focusing on professional architects and the wider public. We are research-based, both theoretically and practically, to reach a direct impact on the environment. We do not perceive our own mission as a mere popularization of architecture but predominantly as reading and redefining the architectural identity of the spaces we live in. CCEA is an independent, non-profit organization established in 2001. MOBA studio is an architectural practice founded by the same members. MOBA focuses on the vision of cities. Alongside architecture and urban projects is our mission to support high-quality architecture through the organization of architectural/urban competitions for both public and private developments. Our target is project phase 0 - preparation of the project content, program, participatory processes, competition brief, jury selection, etc. Our processes are always transparent and open to European/world scales. In the last decade, MOBA has been at the forefront of many projects in the Czech Republic. To reach real complexity, CCEA MOBA operates as one entity.

  • Core Team

    Yvette Vašourková, Igor Kovačević, Karin Grohmannová, Eliška Málková, Marie Štefanová, Markéta Žáčková, Isabella Shaw

  • Collaboration

    Svea Heinemann, Linda Dostálková, Daniela Dostálková, Clémence Pons, Ester Kneidlová, Lukáš Cetera, Barbora Slavíčková, Adam Ehl, Jakub Kopecký

  • Headquarters

    U Půjčovny 4, 110 00 Praha 1

  • (+420) 222 222 521


  • CCEA Lobby

    Karolíny Světlé 31, 110 00 Praha 1