City gallery - Ljubljana

Photographers are critically observing problems in their cities, especially in the social spaces created by recently built architecture. The focus is not on the architecture itself, but more on the space that it has generated – shopping malls draining social life from the city centres, endless parking lots, managerial housing ghettos at the outskirts and cities enclosed between logistic centre ramparts.

Exhibition will last September 23 – October 15 2009

Domen Grögl – Ljubljana / Maroš Krivý – Bratislava / Kudász Gábor Arion – Budapest / Thomas Kutschker – Berlin / Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk – Berlin / Tomáš Pospěch – Praha / Reiner Riedler – Wien / Szymon Rogiński – Warszawa / Wolfgang Schneider – Wien / Illah Van Oijen – Bratislava / Martin Zeman – Praha

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