General Financial Directorate - Brno Dislocation: Complex Trávníčkova

  • Winning Design

    UYO architekti

  • Contracting Authority

    General Financial Directorate

  • Results


  • Status

    preparation of negotiation procedure


The aim of the complex reconstruction of the Trávníčkova site in Brno is the adaptation and completion of the existing buildings to suit approximately 420 workers whose relocation is planned here from other Brno and surrounding locations. The key topics are therefore energy efficiency, pleasant public contact with the Office and adequate conditions for the work of Financial Administration employees.


Matej Siebert


Stanislav Běhal

Jury Vice-Chair, head of the Investment Management Unit, Property and Investment Administration Department, Economy Section

Jakub Cigler

Jakub Cigler Architekti

Svatopluk Sládeček

New Work

Lada Kolaříková

Prague Institute of Planning and Development

Martin Komárek

director of the Tax Office for the South Moravian Region

Tomáš Rozehnal

director of the Appellate Financial Directorate

Tomáš Kozelský


Michal Sedláček

director of Brno Architect Office

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