Modřice Reconstruction - Museum, Library, and Infocenter

  • Winning Design

    Janosch Welzien, Štěpánka Úlehlová, Ivona Náterová, Filip Hermann

  • Contracting Autohority


  • Results


  • Status

    preparation of negotiation procedure


The competition was held in Czech language only.

The subject of the competition was to propose a plan for the reconstruction and alteration of historical building no. 171 on Svobody Square in Modřice so that it primarily serves as a municipal museum, library, information center or gallery, café, clubrooms, and publicly accessible courtyard. The museum should host a permanent exhibition on the history of the village and occasional short-term exhibitions. The contest was also a reflection on the functioning of the interior and exhibition operation.


Marcela Steinbachová

Jury Chair

architect, founder of Kruh and Skupina

Josef Šiška

Jury Vice-chair

Mayor of Modřice

Eva Mattušová


Michal Palaščak

architect, founder of Dílna

Marek Štěpán

architect, founder of Ateliér Štěpán

Eva Blažková


architect, co-founder of Ječmen

Libor Procházka

representative of Modřice

Hana Chybíková

Deputy Mayor of Modřice

Radek Vostrejš


representative of Modřice

Pavel Doleček


councilor of Modřice

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