VYBÍRALKA 2024 Art for Vybíralka

  • Contracting Authority

    Praha 14

  • Competition Type

    Open Art Design Contest, 2 Phases - in Czech only

  • Deadline 1 Phase

    16.9. 2022 14:00

  • Deadline 2 Phase

    November 2022

  • Prices and sketch fees

    200 000 CZK - 125 000 CZK - 75 000 CZK + sketch fees 2 x 25 000 CZK

  • Mandatory use of electronic tool

    E-ZAK Praha 14


The competition is held in the Czech language only.

The art competition for a work of art in the public space of the Vybíralka housing estate is based on the fact that it is the last Prague housing estate built before 1990, where at the time of construction the requirement of Title V of the Building Law to allocate up to 4% of the total cost for artistic decoration was not met. Therefore, there are no contemporary works of art in the Vybíralka housing estate. Thus, there is a great deal of room for contemporary artists whose work would contribute significantly to the revitalization of the estate, enriching the local area with artwork that has long been lacking. The locations designated for the location of artworks are based on the Vybíralka spatial study prepared by IPR.
The realisation should include four site-specific artworks in the area of the so-called plazas at the entrances to the quiet part of the courtyard. The works should form a single unit, but at the same time distinguish the plazas from each other. The aim is to improve and, with the help of the artistic input, complete the hierarchically higher spaces, improve the orientation of the estate, attract residents to use the public space and bring back the tradition of art to the estate. Multifunctionality, variability and usability for different age groups are welcomed.


Tomáš Džadoň

předseda poroty

Zuzana Jelenová

místopředsedkyně poroty

místostarostka Prahy 14

Kateřina Šedá

Matěj Hájek

Michal Kindernay

Petr Zeman

zastupitel hlavního města Prahy

Jan Liška

radní pro místní Agendu 21

Michaela Jehlíková Janečková


Marie Foltýnová


Milan Veselý


hlavní architekt městské části Praha 14

Martin Špičák



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