• Winning Design

    Znamení čtyř - architekti / Juraj Matula, Richard Sidej, Martin Tycar, Kateřina Šebestová, Tomáš Hanus, Kristina Beranová, Jan Stoklasa / Praha

  • Contracting Authority

    Charles University in Prague

  • Competition Type

    Open Design Contest, 2 Phases

  • Results


  • Status

    Building Permit !

  • Prizes, sketch fees and honorable mentions

    1st Prize: 1 500 000 CZK - 2nd Prize: 1 000 000 CZK - 3rd Prize not awarded: prize money used for honorable mentions: 1 x 250 000 CZK and 2 x 100 000 CZK, sketch fees for non-awarded 4 x 250 000 CZK


The subject of the competition was the construction of contemporary, durable and socially useful buildings - the Biocentre and Globcentre in the Albertov Campus in the cadastral area of Prague - Nové Město. The research of the Biocentre will be focused on the knowledge of living systems for the needs of human health and new biotechnologies. The research of the Globocentre will focus on particular aspects of global change, such as the dynamics of climate change of the planet, changes in the distribution of organisms, global dynamics of biodiversity and the role of invasive species, the dynamics of vegetation in ancient and modern landscapes and the spread of species, natural threats and risks, changes in land use.


Tomáš Zima

Jury Chair

Doctor and biochemist, Charles University Rector since 2014; between 2005–2012 the Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine, CU, from which he also graduated. His research activities focus on oxidative stress, new diagnostic methods and the metabolism of alcohol. He teaches biochemistry and other chemistry-related subjects at Charles University and at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

Josef Pleskot

Jury Vice-Chair

Graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. He is one of the most well-known and respected Czech architects. He designed the new building for the ČSOB’s headquarters in Prague-Radlice and footpaths in Prague Castle’s Stag Moat. In 2014 he received the Architect of the Year Awards for a continual succession of architectural projects, primarily, however, for the unique revitalization of the post-industrial district of the Vítkovice Mining Area in Ostrava.

Ladislav Lábus

Graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. He worked for the Design Institute of the City of Prague where he cooperated with Alena Šrámková. Since 1990 he has also taught at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU, as the head of a studio and later also as the head of the Design Institute III. In 2013 he was elected the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU. His most famous projects include the reconstruction of the Edison Transformer Station in Prague and the reconstruction of Prague Castle’s Riding School. In 2014 he received the Architecture Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic.

Ladislav Bukovský

A certified engineer for construction, testing and diagnostics of buildings. Since 1991 he has worked as technological expert for the Regional Court in Prague. He is a consultant in the areas of thermal insulation, renewable resources, energy saving and low-energy buildings. He is the head of the Prague Regional Office, Czech Chamber of Certified Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction.

Dalibor Hlaváček

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, CTU. After working for the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genova, he established his own studio in 2008. He is a co-leader of a studio (along with architects Schleger and Liesler) at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU. He is a coordinator for the student team at CTU whose “AIR House,” a house self-sufficient in energy, won first prize at the 2013 Solar Decathlon international competition in the Architecture and Energy Balance categories.

Jan Sedlák

A city planner, architect and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague. Among the many documents on city planning he compiled, he has focused primarily on city planning in historical cities and towns; in his designs and projects, he has also been interested in historical parts of cities. For many years he has worked on city-planning projects for Prague, particularly on its historical city reserve and on the districts which originated in the late 19th century.

Jiřina Kurzová

In charge of the Construction Department, Charles University, which together with the Economic Department communicates with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport about planned investments at all faculties and institutes. In connection with preparations of new projects – reconstructions, repairs and new construction – she helps faculties and institutes to compile and prepare the required documents.

Michal Fišer


Having graduated from the Czech Technical University in architecture and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and after his internships in Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague, he and David Mareš established the Třiarchitekti (Threearchitects) Studio. As a member of the Czech Chamber of Architects, he is active in the Working Group for Competition, which systematically monitors activities in design competitions and oversees the announcement and running of competitions.

Pavel Hnilička


He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague and gained his doctorate degree at ETH Zürich under Professor Dietmar Eberle. Since 2003 he has been operating his own studio. From 2012 he worked for the Institute of Planning and Development of the City of Prague in Planning and Construction Standards Division, where he was the head of a group of experts who compiled Prague’s Building Code.

Jan Konvalinka


The Vice-Rector for Research at Charles University. His focus is in biochemistry, molecular biology and medicinal chemistry of proteolytic enzymes. He teaches biochemistry and molecular biology at the Faculty of Science, CU. He studies enzymes useful in medicine. Over the past years he has focused on the research of the HIV virus proteins, particularly viral protease, which is responsible for the maturation and spreading of the virus, and on the research of enzymes in human brain.

Miroslav Dvořák


The manager of the Biocenter and the Globcenter project at the Construction Department, Charles University. He will coordinate the completion of the project study, further stages of the design and the construction of both centers.

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