Revitalization of Ješutovo Square and Square II. odboje in Bystřice

  • Winning design

    Luboš Františák, Viktor Schwab, Matěj Ondruch

  • Contracting Authority


  • Results


  • Status

    Preparation of negotiation procedure


The subject of the competition was to find the best solution to reconstructing the Ješutovo and the II. Odboje squares. The competition's objective was to find a partner for the town of Bystřice who will design a high-quality and functional public space and prepare an adequate solution to the two most important public places in town.
The two squares are located in the center of the town of Bystřice and represent the main public space of the town. The west side is neighboring by the main road of the Dr. Edvarda Beneše street with the local magistrate. It then changes into the Karla Nového street. The “špalíček” occupies the center, and several minor constructions and traffic alterations. The “špalíček” has lost its coherent structure and character and has become disconnected from the surrounding public space.
At present, II. Odboje square serves as a parking lot, same as the Ješutovo square, which also features the statue of Jan Nepomucký in the middle of the parking space. There are also the health center buildings, the theatre, library, and local magistrate. In Ješutovo square also stands house number 76 - a historically preserved country homestead.
Today's squares result from a series of alterations of varied quality that mirror communal priorities throughout history. The competition aims to interpret the squares in a new way and create a much used and respectable main public space in Bystřice.

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