Český Brod: Husovo Square & Arnošta z Pardubic Square

  • Contracting Authority

    City of Český Brod

  • Competition Type

    Open Design Contest, 2 Phases

  • Submission of Proposals, 1 Phase

    8.3.2024, 14:00

  • Submission of Proposals, 2 Phase

    10.5.2024, 14:00

  • Prizes and Sketch fees

    500 000 Kč - 350 000 Kč - 250 000 Kč + sketch fees 2 x 100 000 Kč

  • Mandatory use of electronic tool



The town of Český Brod announces an open two-phase architectural competition for the re-design of their square in the town‘s urban conservation zone.
Český Brod‘s double-square Arnošta z Pardubic and Husovo Square, which forms a large area covering most of the medieval area of the town, today lacks coherence and a representative value. The potential of the square is currently not fully exploited and the town centre often appears empty and unattractive. It is thus necessary to breathe new life into the area and offer the citizens of Český Brod a place they enjoy going to and that they can be proud of. The main goal of the competition is to create a lively public space that will re-establish the historic core as a stage and a catalyst for urban action in a contemporary and respectful way. It should be remembered that the square is located in the city‘s conservation area, which means it is protected from radical change. However, the revitalisation of the square should be approached with contemporary trends and
ecological aspects in mind, as well as its wider context. Last but not least, it is also important to consider its relevance in today‘s society.

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Štěpánka Endrle

Jury Chair

Landscape architect and founder of the L&SCAPE studio. She graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences with a degree in Agricultural Engineering - Horticulture. At the Mendel University in Brno she studied Garden and Landscape Architecture. She tries to show to professionals and the public that landscape architecture is increasingly influencing our everyday life. She and her team designed Herold’s Orchards or parts of Letenské sady for Prague.

Eliška Málková

Architect and co-founder of the Prague studio Taktika, which focuses on public space. They work focuses on sustainable as well as socially responsible design. They won second prize in the competition for the design of a square in Příbram. Apart from her work in the studio, Eliška Málková is also involved in regional planning and is currently the urban architect of the Libuš district of Prague.

Luboš Klabík

He is the municipal architect of Benešov and co-founder of the urban planning and architectural studio Tečka. He focuses on the design and revitalization of public spaces, but also on the creation of urban concepts, regulation plans and manuals for cities and municipalities.

Tomáš Sklenář

As a landscape architect, he is involved in both private gardens and the design of public spaces. He has collaborated with MS architects and Flera landscape studio and since 2020 has been running his own landscape architecture studio. He teaches at the Institute of Landscape Architecture at the Czech Technical University. Since 2020 he has been a member of the board of the Czech Association for Landscape Architecture.

Hana Špalková


Architect Hana Špalková runs her own studio at the Institute of Landscape Architecture at the Czech Technical University. She is the co-author of the project for the revitalization of Kostnický náměstí in Prague, which is located in the urban conservation zone of Vinohrady, Žižkov, Vršovice. Toghether with Radmila Fingerová they designed a sensitive adaptation of the square with respect to its historical form.

Tomáš Klinecký

mayor of Český Brod

Markéta Havlíčková

Jury Vice-Chair

deputy mayor of Český Brod,

Milan Majer

deputy mayor of Český Brod

Vladimír Jakub Mrvík


member of the City Council of Český Brod,

Jiří Pavlíček


municipal architect of Český Brod

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