New Elementary School and Kindergarten for Dolní Měcholupy

  • Contracting Authority

    Prague - Dolní Měcholupy

  • Competition Type

    Design contest - open, 1 phase

  • Deadline

    29.5.2020, 14:00

  • Prizes

    1 000 000 - 700 000 - 500 000 CZK+ honorable mentions 200 000 CZK

  • Link to a competition in the elctronic tool Tender arena

The aim of the competition is to find the best solution for a kindergarten of 4 classes and a elementary school of 2 x 9 classes (for both the first and second stage) and 540 pupils. Beside the school itself the complex will include a school library and a sports ground open to the public. The design will also contain a solution to the public space in front of the new complex in future Kardausova street, a traffic connection of the school and a solution to parking.


Ondřej Tuček

Jury Chair // He graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Since 2012 has its own architectural office. He has successfully completed primary school in Hovorčovice. In addition to designing, he is also the organizer of the jury of architectural competitions. He is currently working as an expert advisor for the Mayor of Prague 8.

Jiří Jindřich

Jury Vice-Chair // Mayor of the dynamically developing district of Prague – Dolní Měcholupy. Professional architect working in his own design office with a focus on wooden buildings and reconstruction of historical buildings. In 2008 - 2017 he worked as a lecturer at the Technical Design studio at the Technical University of Liberec. The interest in history and professional passion for good buildings is trying to capitalize on planning the future of his native village.

Markéta Smrčková

She graduated in 2001 at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2000, together with Tomáš Starý, she founded her own studio Lennox architects. In 2011, she participated as a member of the Architects on a Boat group on the text of the Decalogue for the ČKA.

Vít Beran

He graduated in 1982 from the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in ZOO. Further complementary and expanding education at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. He has been working as a teacher since 1982 and since 1992 as a director at the Táborská elementary school in Prague 4. From 2007 to present he is the director of the Kunratice Elementary School, the Faculty of Education, PedF and PřF UK in Prague and the pilot-model school.

Václav Škarda

alternate // He graduated in 1997 from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 1999 he founded the architectural office Atelier K2 with Jiří Poláček, today he leads Škarda architekti in Prague.

Petr Hlaváček

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he has been teaching since 1990. He lectured as a professor at the University of Michigan College of Architecture for one semester. In 2010 he founded atelier Headhand architects. For several years he held the position of Vice-Dean for Development and Construction of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University and in 2015–2016 he worked as the Director of IPR Prague. At present he acts as a representative of the City of Prague on the position of the 1st Deputy Mayor.

Luboš Ježil

alternate // Deputy Mayor and member of the Committee for Spatial Development of the dynamically developing district of Prague - Dolní Měcholupy. He has a degree in engineering, management and finance. Among other things, he works as a project manager in the field of development of support processes electronization at UniCredit Bank.

Jana Doláková

alternate // Deputy Mayor for Education and Social Affairs in Dolní Měcholupy. She graduated from the Secondary School of Education in Prague, the Faculty of Education in Prague and Hradec Králové. She has pedagogical experience from elementary and nursery school, where she worked for 14 years. She participated in the project Respect and be respected in the Healthy Kindergarten, where she became acquainted with the process of integration. For 15 years she worked for 2N Telecommunications a.s.

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