New Elementary School and Kindergarten for Dolní Měcholupy

  • Winning Design

    architektonický ateliér PROJEKTOR – Václav Matějka, Eva Šarochová

  • Contracting Authority

    Prague - Dolní Měcholupy

  • Results


  • Status

    preparation of negotiation procedure


53 teams competed for the best design for the kindergarten and elementary school, which means 160 architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, and other professionals, who together devoted more than 6,500 hours of work to this task.

The aim of the competition was to find the best solution for a kindergarten of 4 classes and an elementary school of 2 x 9 classes (for both the first and second stage) with 540 pupils. Besides the school itself, the complex will include a school library and a sports ground open to the public. The design will also contain a solution to the public space in front of the new complex in future Kardausova street, a traffic connection of the school, and a solution to parking.


Ondřej Tuček

Jury Chair


Jiří Jindřich

Jury Vice-Chair

Mayor of city district Praha-Dolní Měcholupy

Markéta Smrčková

Architect, Lennox architekti

Vít Beran

director of Primary School Kunratice

Václav Škarda


architect, Škarda architekti

Petr Hlaváček

1st Vice-Mayor of the City of Prague

Luboš Ježil


2nd Vice-Mayor of city district Praha-Dolní Měcholupy

Jana Doláková


1st Vice-Mayor of city district Praha-Dolní Měcholupy

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