New Gate Olbrachtova

Competition Conditions: Request for participation

One document consisting of participants’ basic info, 2 reference projects, and sworn statement. The request is a PDF file named “OLB–Request” sent to the competition secretary's email address (

The file will consist of 5 single pages of A4 format, vertical, containing:

  • Title Page “Statement of motivation,” consisting of a maximum of 200 words, where the contestant would present himself and describe the motivation to participate in this competition.

  • Pages 2 and 3 with a header clearly identifying the participant: 2 reference projects displayed in any way. For reference projects, the following information will be provided: (1) name and location of the project, (2) the author, or the team and collaborators, (3) the date of the project and, where applicable, the year of the successfully completed project phase from the zoning decision to implementation - and at what stage the project is at, (4) construction investor / contracting authority,
    (5) the price of the construction, or the calculation/estimation of investment costs.

  • Page 4: identification page (template PP.01)

  • Page 5: sworn statement (template PP.02). (If several sworn statements are necessary, the pages can be added.).

The deadline for sending the request to participate is 3. 5. 2021, 14:00, where the deciding factor is the competition secretary's time of receipt.
The requests that are submitted late will be left upon the jury’s decision whether to include them in the process or not. In such a case, participation is not guaranteed.

The jury is expected to select 5 participants to invite to elaborate and submit a design proposal.