Urban Habitat Za Papírnou

  • Winning Design

    Apropos Architects / Michal Gabaš, Tomáš Beránek, Nikoleta Slováková, Laura Lukáčová, Rudolf Nikerle, Kryštof Jireš / Chrudim

  • Contracting Authority

    Municipality of Prague 7

  • Competition Type

    Open Design Contest, 1 Phase

  • Results

    October 2022

  • Status

    contract negotiations

  • Prices and Sketch Fees

    700 000 CZK - 500 000 CZK - 350 000 CZK + honorable mentions 100 000 CZK


The aim of the competition was to find the best architectural design for urban hybrid housing that allows a social and generational mix, including the possibility of accommodating people with disabilities. The subject of the competition was the design of a mixed-use house in Za Papírnou Street. As a public procurer and investor, the City takes care to design buildings with a view to long-term sustainability and to spend funds sparingly throughout the life cycle of the construction. The design will emphasize minimal energy consumption both during construction and the life of the building. In view of the increasing requirements for energy performance of buildings, urban housing buildings need to comply with the requirements for near-zero energy buildings


Kristien Ring

Jury Chair

Kristien Ring is an architect, curator and director of AA PROJECTS, which is dedicated to the creation of interdisciplinary future-oriented projects in the field of architecture and urbanism. She is currently working for the German Federal Foundation for Baukultur. She is a specialist in co-living and baugruppe housing projects and is the founding director of the German Center for Architecture- DAZ.

Jakob Hurrle

Jury Vice-Chair

Councillor of the Prague 7 municipal district with competences in social and health politics and national minorities

Katharina Bayer

Architect, founder and managing director of einszueins architektur, a pioneering participatory housing studio in Austria, with a portfolio of award-winning designs such as Wohnprojekt Wien. Member of the advisory body of the Wiener Wohnbauinitiative and visiting professor at the Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at TU Wien.

David Tichý

Architect, architectural theorist and expert in housing construction. He studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, where he also completed a PhD programme focusing on intergenerational housing concepts. Since 2012, he has been a partner in the architectural firm UNIT architekti, where he mainly focuses on buildings for housing. He has won several major awards for his projects. He is a co-founder of the professional association Centre for Housing Quality, where he specializes in consulting activities in the field of quality of living environment.

Florian Köhl

He held research and teaching positions at the Technical University of Berlin and the Barlett School of Architecture in London for several years. He is also co-founder of the network of architects involved in co-housing (NBBA- Netzwerk Berliner Baugruppen- Architekten) and the Berlin-based projects Teameleven and Instant city.

Jan Kubát


He is the chief architect of ohboi studio. Ohboi is an architectural studio also active in the field of development and urban planning. Their studio will determine the form of the new central depository of the National Gallery Prague. Among their latest achievements is the first place in the competition for New Eden in Prague 10 in spring 2022.

Lenka Burgerová

Deputy Mayor of the Prague 7 municipal district with competence in territorial development

Pavel Zelenka

Deputy Mayor of Prague 7 with responsibilities for strategic projects, the new City Hall, public procurement and business support

Kamil Vavřinec Mareš


Deputy Mayor of the Prague 7 Municipal District with competences in property and investments in
non-school buildings

Jan Čižinský


Mayor of Prague 7 with competences in finance, investments in education, public relations and international relations. He is a leader of the “Praha Sobě“ initiatives and a representative of the City of Prague.

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