Sports Hall in Žatec

  • Winning Design

    Carlos Maristany Ortiz, Luis Bellera Fernandez de la Cruz, Eduardo Palao Valverde, Laia Gelonch Llongarriu, Marc Subirana Ribera

  • Contracting Authority


  • Competition Type

    Open Design Contest, 1 Phase

  • Results

    May 2022

  • Status

    Contract negotiations

  • Prizes and Honorable Mentions

    700 000 CZK - 450 000 CZK - 250 000 CZK + honorable mentions total 100 000 CZK


The town of Žatec announces an architectural competition for a new sports hall, which will be used mainly for ball games. The aim of the competition is to select the most suitable architectural solution designed with regard to the overall economy of the building.
The new sports hall must be able to host competitive matches and training processes. Full use during school hours and in the evenings by both the public and local sports clubs is envisaged.


Jakub Našinec

Jury Chair

In 2001 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. During his studies and a few years after graduation, he worked as an intern at the Erick van Egeraat AA studio or in the office of Roman Koucký. In 2004, he and his colleagues founded the architectural studio Sporadical, where he participated, among other things, in the design of the award-winning sports hall in Dolní Břežany, the completion of the gym of the J. Kepler Middle School or the award-winning competition designs of the Horácká aréna in Jihlava and the gym in Červený Kostelec. Since 2021 he has been running his own studio.

Radim Laibl

Jury Vice-Chair

Deputy Mayor of Žatec and Councillor for Health of the Ústí nad Labem Region (ANO 2011)

Ján Studený

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University and then from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 1996, together with David Kopecký, he founded the KSA studio, which after David's tragic death, has been run by himself since 2009. In recent years, the studio has been working on transforming the Dukla sports complex in Pardubice and has won a competition for a sports hall in Nová Paka or finished second in a contest for the redevelopment and reconstruction of a sports complex in Chrudim.

Gabriela Kaprálová

In 1994 she completed her studies in architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Before establishing her own practice, she worked in Genia Loci and Omicron-K studios. Since 2006, she has been running her own studio ASGK, which is known for the reconstruction of the Rytířská Palace (Grand Prix of Architects 2009), the winning design of the Šatovka senior center in the architectural competition of the municipality P6, and the design of the Leisure Club in Roudnice n. Labem.

Jiří Karas

councillor, chairman of the Sports and Sports Commission (Unie pro sport a zdraví)

Jakub Vašek


He graduated in architecture from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Since 2016, he has been working in the architectural studio monom architects, where he has participated in the award-winning designs of the sports complex in the competition "Krnov to start" or the Prague-Veleslavín train station. He has also won competitions for the Komenský Park in Kolín and the library in Česká Lípa.

Jan Skoček


He studied architecture in the studio of Ivan Kroupa and Jana Moravcova at the UMPRUM in Prague, which he completed with his award-winning project "Between the City and Stadiums." Immediately after his studies, he started a one-year internship at the Swiss studio Christ & Gantenbein, where he participated in the design of the Lindt gallery and administration company. Currently, he is engaged in his own practice and work in the architectural studio Ječmen.

Břetislav Sedláček


civil engineer

Václav Rusňák


Department of City Development, Investments

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