Hronov: Spacial Study Freiwaldovo square

  • Contracting Authority

    City of Hronov

  • Competition Type

    Urban design competition with preselection, 1 Phase

  • Deadline of Application for participation

    17 May 2024, 14:00

  • Final submission of Proposals

    12 July 2024, 14:00

  • Prize Money

    250 000 Kč - 100 000 Kč - reimbursement of expenses 50 000 Kč

  • Mandatory use of electronic tool



The City of Hronov announces a one phase urban design competition with pre-selection for the design of the Freiwald Square.

The subject of the competition is a proposal for a spatial study for the site of Freiwald Square and the surrounding area, where the City of Hronov plans to build a retirement home and complete the urban structure using the potential of the site for future urban densification.

The aim of the competition is to obtain a proposal that will offer the city a good urban planning analysis of this part of the city and provide a reliable basis for the subsequent urban study.


Alice Boušková

Jury Chair

Authorized landscape architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. Her practice focuses on connecting architecture and landscape architecture at various levels. She has collaborated with Flera and YYYY, and is the founder of the landscape studio her architecture. She is involved in blue-green architecture technologies in the city and spreads awareness about the importance and need for landscape architecture in general, for example in Rethink Architecture or ERA21. She is co-author of the winning design for Park u vody in Prague Holešovice.

Šárka Jahodová

Architect and urban planner, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. In practice
and research, she focuses mainly on urban topics, development and revitalization of residential areas and the possibilities of innovation of urban planning tools. Currently, she is part of the UNIT architects team, where she leads research and planning projects related to urban renewal and development. She is co-author of the winning design of the international urban planning competition The Future of Brno City Centre (2016) and Florenc 21 (2021).

Matěj Draslar

Graduate of ETH Zurich, architect with Czech roots living in Switzerland. After his studies he founded his own practice, studio mach. Since 2013 he has been working at agps architecture ltd., where he has been a partner since 2022. With his team he deals mainly with architectural competitions and urban planning. He also lectures and teaches at ETH.

Matěj Čunát


He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Architecture at TUL. After his studies he completed internships abroad in studios in Ghent and Munich. He is a co-founder of the young architectural collective Taktiky, which was founded in 2022. His work focuses on projects at the intersection of public space and urbanism, with an emphasis on social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Karel Jára

Jury Vice-Chair

vice-mayor of the town of Hronov

Aleš Krtička

architect of the building commission of the town of Hronov

Petr Koleta


mayor of the town of Hronov

Věra Bartošová


vice-mayor of the town of Hronov

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