Zbraslav Square

  • Contracting Authority

    Praha - Zbraslav

  • Competition Type

    Design contest - open, 1-phase

  • Deadline

    19.6.2020 13:00

  • Prizes

    350 000 - 250 000 - 150 000 CZK + honorable mentions 50 000 CZK

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The subject of the competition is to find the best solution for the main square in the historical development of Prague - Zbraslav. The aim is to create a quality public space conducive to public life and to find a suitable transport solution in which pedestrians, public transport and individual car transport will form a logical whole.


Martin Jančok

Chair // A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak University of Technology, until 2009 he worked in the zerozero studio, where he was among the authors of the winning design in the prestigious international urban planning competition Europan 10 or pavilions Czech and Slovak Republic at the 11th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. In 2010 he founded his own office PLURAL, which focuses on the creation of contemporary architecture, the city and their relationship to society with an emphasis on mutual cooperation of various professions. Recent projects include the reconstruction of the New Synagogue in Žilina (2011-2017) and the revitalization of the V Prešov shopping center.

Zuzana Vejvodová

Vice-Chair // Mayor, with no political affiliation, civil engineer by education.

Petra Marko

Petra Marko studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. Petra Marko has been living in London since 2006, where in 2013 she and Igor Marko founded the Marko & Placemakers studio. In her career primarily plays the role of mediator of a quality built environment, and develops strategies for project communication between all stakeholders. Among the many research and participatory projects and implementations, Petra Marko won in cooperation with VeloCity in 2017 an international competition for the design of a renewal and construction strategy along the corridor between Oxford and Cambridge.

Zdeněk Sendler

Zdeněk Sendler studied landscape design at the Faculty of Horticulture at the University of Agriculture in Lednice in Moravia. His Atelier cooperates with architectural offices, construction and engineering professions, sculptors, artists and other related professions such as phytopathologists or phytosociologists and others. Most of his orders were awarded as a winning project in competitions - including the Wallenstein Garden in Prague, the Denisovy sady Park in Brno, the pedestrian zone and the square in Hodonín, as well as the internationally awarded monastery gardens in Litomyšl.

Jana Zdráhalová

alternate // Assistant Professor in the Klokočka Studio at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague, which focuses on current and universal urban design. As part of its academic activities, it focuses on the innovation of urban planning teaching and the perception of the urban environment.

Lucie Miovská

Practicing landscape architect. She deals with a wide range of design topics in the system of residential and landscape greenery. Her work is based on foreign experience in the application and operation of current trends, especially British and Danish concepts. She focuses on the living space, pedestrian concepts and crafted work with greenery. Lucie Mikovská currently works as a​ lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, CULS Prague and the head of the Studio of Creation in Seats. She cooperates on partial interventions to improve the condition of Zbraslav Square.

Tomáš Ctibor

alternate // Founder and director of 4ct platform, which prepared and analyzed the ​potential for Zbraslav Square and its surroundings.

Filip Ditrich

alternate // Urbanist and conceptual designer at the Institute of Planning and Development Prague, territorial guarantor for Zbraslav.

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