Zbraslav Square

  • Winning Design

    Luboš Františák, Viktor Schwab, Matěj Ondruch

  • Contracting Authority

    Praha - Zbraslav

  • Results


  • Status

    preparation of negotiation procedure


31 teams, mainly from the Czech Republic, but also from Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Northern Macedonia, Spain and the Netherlands, competed for the best design for the reconstruction of Zbraslav Square. This means 117 architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and other professionals, who together devoted more than 3,600 hours of work to this task.

The subject of the competition was to find the best solution for the main square in the historical development of Prague - Zbraslav. The aim was to create a quality public space conducive to public life and to find a suitable transport solution in which pedestrians, public transport and individual car transport will form a logical whole.

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