Building for The Prague Emergency Medical Service

  • Winning Design

    PLURAL / Martin Jančok, Gabriela Smetanová, Michal Janák, Zuzana Kovaľová; cooperation: Maroš Kostelanský, Anastasia Popova, Lujza Hostačná / Bratislava, Slovakia

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  • Competition Type

    Open Design Contest in 2 Phases

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  • Prizes and Sketch Fees

    2 000 000 CZK - 1 250 000 CZK - 950 000 CZK + Sketch Fee 3 x 250 000 CZK

  • Status

    negotiation preparations


The subject of the competition was a new administrative and technical building of the ZZS as the main headquarters of the Prague Emergency Medical Service. Its layout and architectural design should respond to the complexity and difficulty of the operation, but also to the comfort of users who are exposed to excessively stressful situations during their work.

The focal point of the building is the Medical Operations Centre (ZOS) - dispatching centre, where the ZOS staff receive calls and deal with crisis situations. The ZOS is complemented by other facilities such as an education and training centre with facilities for training rescuers and the public, servicing and cleaning of ambulances and other rescue equipment, or administrative facilities for the entire Prague Emergency Medical Service.


Martin Sobota

Jury Chair

He studied architecture and landscape architecture in Oslo and Hannover and subsequently did postgraduate studies at The Berlage in Delft. He is a founding member of CITYFÖRSTER architecture + and head of their Rotterdam office. His projects include a sustainable city for the local government in Zambia, the Rinia mixed-use complex in Albania and the Land Commission office building in Ghana.

Jeannette Kuo

She studied architecture at UC Berkeley, Harvard University and ETH Zurich. She is a founding partner of Karamuk Kuo, a Swiss studio based in Zurich, which in recent years has focused on civic amenity and industrial projects. Jeannette Kuo is the author of two books on office and industrial buildings. She has taught at her home institutions of Berkeley and Harvard, as well as at MIT and the Polytechnic of Lausanne.

Lenka Míková

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, founding member of the edit! architekti. Since 2014, she has been running her own studio Lenka Míková Architekti, focusing on small-scale buildings and reconstructions. Award-winning projects include the reconstruction of the foyer of the Czech Philharmonic Hall in the Rudolfinum building or the interior of the Berlin and Letna branches of Freshlabels.

Petr Burian

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his school days, he cooperated with the architectural office DaM, then with HŠH architekti and since 2006 he has been a partner of DAM architekti. He is a co-author of a number of buildings and reconstructions in the territory of the capital city of Prague, especially the Residential House with Gymnasium, an award-winning new building in Prague 1, or the Euro Palace on the Václavské Square.

Martin Sládek

He is a co-founder of the Brno studio consequence forma architects, which regularly participates in domestic and international competitions. Currently, he is working on the design of Moravian Square in Brno based on winning an open design competition. The studio uses its experience from the Viennese environment and as a result, has been successful in a number of domestic and international competitions.

Alexandra Udženija

Councillor of the City of Prague and Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague of Prague for the area of Social Affairs, Housing and Health

Zuzana Hamanová

Representative of the City of Prague

Zuzana Freitas Lopesová

Representative of the City of Prague

Tomáš Portlík

He has been the mayor of Prague 9 since 2021, and since 2018 he has been a councilor of the City of Prague and a member of the ODS Municipal Council. Since 2006 he has been a councilor of the Prague 9 municipal district.

Karel Hořejš


Head of the Construction Department at the Prague 9 Municipal District

Jan Wolf


Representative of the City of Prague

Jakub Koňata


He is a student of architect Jan Bočan, with whom he subsequently collaborated in his design studio, for example at the Czech Embassy in Tbilisi. He is currently working in the KAVA studio, where he has participated, for example, in the competition designs for the Slavie Theatre in České Budějovice, the Congress Centre in Prague or the design of the Park Kavčí hory residence. He runs the design studio at the Czech Technical University with his colleagues Tomáš Novotný and Tomáš Zmek.

Milena Johnová

former juror

She has been a Prague City Councillor since 2018 and was elected as a non-party member of the Prague City Council for Social Policy and Healthcare. Prior to her election, she worked in social services for more than 25 years. In 1994, she co-founded and led the organization Rytmus.

Petr Kubíček

former juror

He was elected a Prague City Councillor in 2018 as a member of TOP 09 and STAN - United Forces for Prague. He was the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Property Management, Property Shares, and Business Support of the City Hall. Besides that, as a councilor, he deals with the topics of housing, sports, and leisure.

Eva Horáková

former juror

Since 2018 she was a Prague City Councillor, Chair of the Social Policy Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Pirates' Representative Club. Before her election, she worked as a nurse for 12 years and was part of the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years.

Jan Jarolím

former alternate juror

He has been a representative of the Prague 9 municipality continuously since 1994, with the exception that from 2006 to 2021 he was the head of the municipal council as mayor, and in the remaining years, he continues to serve as deputy mayor. Before entering politics, he worked for the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and the Federal Committee for the Environment.

Pavel Zelenka

former alternate juror

He became a representative of the City of Prague in 2018, when he was elected as a representative of the association Praha sobě. He was chairman of the Housing Committee and vice-chairman of the IT and SmartCity Committee. He is also the deputy mayor of Prague 7. Prior to his election, he worked as a graphic designer in the Marvil studio, which he founded.

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