New center of Bašť with a primary school building

  • Contracting Authority

    Union of municipalities Pod Beckovem

  • Competition type

    Open design contest

  • Competition Launch

    October 2020

  • Submission of proposals

    December 2020

  • Prizes and honorable mentions

    600 000 CZK - 450 000 CZK - 300 000 CZK + honorable mentions

  • Mandatory registration of supplier in an electronic tool


The competition is held in Czech language only.

The subject of the competition is the design of a new building of a primary school and other new buildings for the municipality, where spaces for small businesses and services will be created on the ground floor and municipal flats on the upper floors, including alterations to public space, i.e. a new village square.
The aim of the competition is for the municipality of Bašť to find a partner for the creation of quality public facilities.

The jury will include:
for the Union of Municipalities - Martin Kupka (Mayor of Líbeznice), Vítězslav Kaliba (Mayor of Bašť), Martin Skalický (Director of the Líbeznice Primary School), Pavla Příšovská (Mayor of Předboj and Chairwoman of the Union of Municipalities Pod Beckovem), Martin Čacký (Mayor of Měšice)
independent architects - Emil Přikryl, Eva Šarochová, Jan Hájek, Norbert Obršál
and the head of the research department of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings, Tomáš Matuška